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Game Information

Expand your Circle of Death to the desired size. Then use it to eliminate pesky colored circles!
ALL AGES   (more info)
Mouse control Hold mouse down to make a circle; release mouse Drag grey circle over little colored circles; click again to kill circles!
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Total AG Ratings: 219

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264 Reviews
hatman101012 (over a month ago)
only 2 notes?
im a ninja (over a month ago)
i love the whole concept of this game, time is an issue though, i'll give it a 6/10 have fun
dup1-ZOMG997 (over a month ago)
really fun
vertigo_2_20 (over a month ago)
Very similar to Jezzball but with a neat twist. I've noticed a lot of the negative reviews are repeats and almost all of them say there's not enough time, but I wholeheartedly disagree: There's plenty of time, and any more would take away the challenge. I'm sorry if you want a game to be no challenge at all, but if that's the case, don't hold it against the game just because the author didn't take the fun out of it for everyone else by making a game that's so easy it's boring.
g8_kpr (over a month ago)
its a fun game, but the timers are too short
matrix76 (over a month ago)
this is way boring and it needs more time
legoruthead (over a month ago)
BEST GAME EVER!!! Sure, it's a bit hard, but what good is a game that isn't any chalange? YAY FOR GUINEA PIGS!!!!! (inside joke, if you complete all the chalanges, you'll get it)
gine12 (over a month ago)
boring it needs more time
dunkdemon (over a month ago)
zaxc75 (over a month ago)
say your crushes name 8 times 2.Say your best friends name 9 times 3.Repost this on 3 different games 4.Press F10 for your surprise