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Coal Runner
Max Games
In this coal mine, even the robots are slaves. When one bot is set free, he dreams of escape and revenge. Destroy the Main Brain!
ALL AGES   (more info)
Arrow keys to move
Action Games
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Total AG Ratings: 193

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73 Reviews
NHXYPRKMWR (over a month ago)
Help Foregen get my foreskin back please
UMQRPJNEUO (over a month ago)
Help Foregen get my foreskin back please
capitalsfan51 (over a month ago)
b be bet bett bette better bette bett bet be b a aw awe awes aweso awesom awesome awesom aweso awes awe aw a
how to game (over a month ago)
bad dont try it
dutch (over a month ago)
kind of hard
VidoeGameMaster56 (over a month ago)
While it isn't perfect- its hard to move,needs more stages, more things to destroy- I do think it has a nice concept. The boss is one of the hardest I have ever fought. It took me a bit to figure out how to even hurt him. Love the music too.
redneckfoow (over a month ago)
i have played and finished this game fun game! i have read the other reviews and hadnt seen the glitch i found! on boss level all you need to do is jump up then while in air hold left and right controls and let the hammer/claw to hit you. if done close to the brain will make it brake quick done next to left and right wall will make you go up to top of the board if you find more write a review. thank you gamer redneckfoow
wjs211 (over a month ago)
Mr. Tiger (over a month ago)
>.> i got to the boss battle in the end but there is no way to kill him.... nice game concept though ^_^
GONADS125 (over a month ago)
yeah it didnt take my computer didnt take long at all, it was pretty much instant. and anyone who says it was too hard should just stop playing video games. the only complaint i have is that it was too short