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Game Information

Fancy Pants Adventure
Brad Borne
The pants may not look like much to you, but to a stick figure, they're stylin' threads! Jump on spiders and find your way to the next level!
TEEN+   (more info)
See game for instructions
Action Games
Stick Figure
6,303,734   (3,562 today)

Total AG Ratings: 6,572

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4,370 Reviews
AK474 (over a month ago)
it glitches way 2 much
kbroeren2000 (over a month ago)
Glitchy. Sometimes it won't move when you're pressing the keys, and other times it will move on its own. Very annoying. I used to enjoy this game as a child, but not anymore if it's going to act like this.
intercat (over a month ago)
Silly, clean, harmless. Creative thinking and quite a lot of hand-eye coordination.
mushyhaiderali (over a month ago)
my faviouraite is part 3 we learn new skills but one hmmmmmmmmmmm ok it is good
richardkillsyouall (over a month ago)
Rainwingdrangon1 (over a month ago)
It's glitchy I fell through the floor and died when I jumped.
runawayredconverse (over a month ago)
system glitches were intense, maybe work on the compatablity with newer flash plugins?
karl marrkx (over a month ago)
jhon con 1087 (over a month ago)
who likes OBJ
Faresshh (over a month ago)
and if you have a mind it says; if the game is lags try it on safari!!!