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Hold the Fort!
711 Games
Creatures devastated the land, ruined the villages, and ate their inhabitants. Some managed to survive and take shelter in the forest. You found an abandoned fort along with other survivors. Now you command an army of survivors that defend your fort against monsters every night! Manage survivors stamina during the day to prepare for another night of battle. Gather survivors to increase your army and win the war!
ALL AGES   (more info)
Mouse controls
Action Games
Fighting Tower Defense War
111,404   (1,096 today)

Total AG Ratings: 38

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23 Reviews
GDAOTWTYKO (over a month ago)
Help Foregen get my foreskin back please
AFZMQTBVSR (over a month ago)
Help Foregen get my foreskin back please
LIDJA (over a month ago)
Wowgal13 (over a month ago)
I really love this game, I wish you would add more to it! Make it longer but all in all it's an awesome game! :)
dat boi o shhhhhh (over a month ago)
it good thats is all i have to say it wasint grate it was good. if i say it was good than thats how it is no argument about it i know all about games and what i say is always right so take my wourd for it...
dat boi o shhhhhh (over a month ago)
i loved it
lentinant (over a month ago)
Nice graphics, entertaining gameplay, replay value. Game deserves some nice score.
framer96 (over a month ago)
OK ga
711Games (over a month ago)
Hi bsjun! The game saves locally. It means, that you can't load from another PC or after cleaning your cookies and similar stuff. Please try to start the game, beat the first level, then refresh the page - you should be able to continue. Regards, 711Games
bsjun (over a month ago)
The save function is not working for me. When I return to the site, my only option is to start a New Game. I even created an account for this website in the hopes that maybe it would start saving my progress. No luck. Anyone know how to fix it? While I really like this game, I have yet to finish it because whenever I come back I have to start a new game.