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Game Information

Lander X
Planet Generica is under attack and only you, Lander X can save it! Use your piloting skills to complete your missions and rescue the planet.
ALL AGES   (more info)
Space Key - Thrust Left Key - Rotate ship left Right Key - Rotate ship right
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Total AG Ratings: 7

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6 Reviews
Hayhaa (over a month ago)
2012man (over a month ago)
COme on! reknew my landing permit when im saving the world! me hate dis game
cookie911 (over a month ago)
ur gonna be th e only 1 cauze dis iz crzyz
Dakota32 (over a month ago)
very boring
dup1-tthtt (over a month ago)
i am the beast master read my unfinished novel I awoke one breezy summer evening. I was so tired of running I just fell asleep right there by the raging river. Now that I was awake I had to figure out a way to cross this ferocious river. In movies they always just pushed over an old tree and gracefully walked across. The problem was there was not a dying tree for miles. I stopped and listened there was a sound about a mile away. Could it have been the Fighter Squad? It had to be they were the only people you could hear from that far away. The only thing that could help me now was getting across that river. I had to do something and since the river was uncrossable I had to start running and I had to do it now. I took off, I did not care where I was headed I just had to get away from here. It was a warm day with a blue sky and all I could think about was how I was not going to get killed by the Fighter Squad. How could I have gotten myself into this again. Crack! Wait what was that sound. It sounded like someone stepping on a stick. I crouch down in some weeds near by. The weeds were at least four foot tall and as thick as the forests of the amazon. I slowly crept backwards making sure not to make a sound. I was out of sight but I just wanted to be safe I was going to move back another foot or so. Got ya! Screamed a man. With out thinking I turned around and punched him as hard as I could. He grabbed his face screamed and fell to the ground. Acting purely on adrenalin I took off. I was running faster than I ever had in my entire life.
Toa Anvaller (over a month ago)
im the first to review wahooi love this game.