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Nimian Hunter
Ride through this dying land on horse back, lasso at the ready. Rope in the giant bugs to feed the head, the only way to return the land to life.
ALL AGES   (more info)
Mouse to move - mouseclick to lasso. Click the mouse to rope the bugs you'll find near the green beacons. Wait for the lock-on indicator to appear for best results. Then take the bug back to the red beacon!
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Total AG Ratings: 49

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24 Reviews
TehJawa (over a month ago)
Gravity cat wouldn't comment but probably not amused
horses! (over a month ago)
i only like it for the horse!
bobizzle (over a month ago)
i don't really know what im playing...
tales3214 (over a month ago)
I enjoy this game, although, the graphics may be a little laggy, and the storyline shaky, I think you guys should make a sequel, and have wider territory, and more adventurous things happen, like being able to walk, and ride on different animals, and perhaps take place in a small town, where the statue was placed.
maryakewl (over a month ago)
horrible game no point just really really stupid cant and like the worst GHRAPHICS EVER!!!!
PrincezzWannab (over a month ago)
Whatever u do dont feed him the crystal flyer juyst dont!!
missmonkey98 (over a month ago)
its well hard at the end
4"german (over a month ago)
Good idea and good graphics as well as original control idea. I think that it could have been more active and fun, but still a good game........ B
JangoKiller (over a month ago)
whats the point this game is reatarded,stoopid and lags real bad
CrazyM345 (over a month ago)
Btw did u guys even play till the end?! Because saying yes is awesome too! More sad though :( U can play both but the right choice is no.