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Reach the Core
Your spaceship has run out of energy. There's a planet with the plasma nearby, but it's located in the planet's core. Harvest minerals to purchase upgrades and unlock new drill equipment in the shop. Drill to the core to gain energy to continue your journey.
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Arrow Keys or WSAD
Action Games
Flying Hard High Scores Random
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Total AG Ratings: 268

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103 Reviews
AnOrangeApple (over a month ago)
Didn't even get past halfway before quitting. Besides the slow grind, it feels like the game deliberately starts sabotaging progress with each new upgrade. I started noticing inordinately more amounts of rocks, nest, mines and laser in areas I'd previously cleared easily without mods. This type of scaling basically leads to aggravatingly slow progress as upgrades are mandatory to continue. I hate games like this that simply ramp difficulty to a constant grind simpley to artificially lengthen the game.
Cursedpastelwolf (over a month ago)
Great game, great time waster waiting for my dump little brother to get of my Xbox One so I can play Fortnite.
ScorchingBagel (over a month ago)
A bit confusing but I like it
easygoingsmart1 (over a month ago)
There must be a way to add all the technology you want without having to hit the + button thousands of times. The more you play the longer you spend in the upgrades section.
WilliamG09 (over a month ago)
Gamelord251 (over a month ago)
Copy and pasted my save game and its not working so many hours lost if not fixed please help great game though
AwkwardAndAdorable (over a month ago)
saeven (over a month ago)
what's it all about?
iBangarang (over a month ago)
how do you get red gem i can only find green and purple?
Toxic_Tiger (over a month ago)
good time waster and also overall a good game, not to challenging, long and satisfying at some points. and much more