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Short Circuit
Listen to the funky music as you try to avoid the rain of asterisks. Protect your light bulb by clicking the mouse and you may just survive through the different colored rounds.
ALL AGES   (more info)
1. You'll need the sound on. 2. Mouse to avoid the asterisks. 3. If the asterisks get too close, a mouseclick will drive them away...for a moment. The game will change with the music. Almost everything is synced up to the music and the game beginning to end is the length of the song playing. There are different phases where the colors will change based on the mood of the music.
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Total AG Ratings: 25

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16 Reviews
harlina123 (over a month ago)
I got 1830 points. The damn asterisks were coming closer so it's almost impossible to finish. But I do like it. I could see all the asterisks well but I did almost touch a light pink coloured one. Maybe the background could be a different colour, or that's another hard part of the game....
Viperr101 (over a month ago)
Make the asterisks a darker color, having invisible ones just ruins it for me.
hannahranger (over a month ago)
stupid invisible snowflakes!!!
kobe8888 (over a month ago)
its pritty good
jedi23 (over a month ago)
Garthim (over a month ago)
Good game, simple and really compelling...however... 1) PLEASE get rid of the (nearly) invisible ones. They are actually invisible at times, especially around background transitions. 2) my firefox browser occasionally 'refreshes' the screen, resulting in a lag-time for me, and resizing the screen. I usually die when it does this. Both of the above share the fact that the player can do little about it. The game would be much better if it all came down to dexterity.
Jenny89 (over a month ago)
I like this game. believe it or not :)
scott24 (over a month ago)
good but i hate the invisible ones
Lanaboo (over a month ago)
730. not that much
dragonmaste666 (over a month ago)
i dont like is sorry