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Game Information

Yeti Pong
Join the ancient pong competition between yetis and walruses. Hopefully you don't turn in an abominable performance.
ALL AGES   (more info)
Use the arrow keys to move left and right.
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Total AG Ratings: 35

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22 Reviews
jaleu (over a month ago)
I like the challenge! I never lose on easy or medium, but on hard mode the computer doesn't give up easy shots.'
salamander_sc (over a month ago)
player moves way to slow
gameshow77 (over a month ago)
way to hard
PoPothePanda (over a month ago)
This is HAAAAAAAAARDDDDDDD good to troll someone with this game tho
romeo 100 (over a month ago)
hate it
mcke0288 (over a month ago)
Good controls considering it is spose to resemble ice...
AMPM (over a month ago)
I have won more games on hard then i have on easy
AMPM (over a month ago)
even though it brings a certain amount of difficulty to control the yeti i still kinda like the concept.
berteh (over a month ago)
control is much too difficult. more precision would be nice.
Veteran n00b (over a month ago)
Ikr, really hard to control