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Storm Ops
3kg Games
No gimmes, soldier. Wind speed and bullet velocity affect your accuracy. Choose your weapons and shots carefully to defend the base. Can you shoot well enough to earn a medal and unlock unlimited missions?
TEEN CAUTION       (more info)
mouse to aim and fire; R to reload; F for fire mode; V to peek over sight; 1,2,3 for weapons; Q for last weapon
Shooting Games
Bloody Hard
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1,245 Reviews
Empire4K1 (over a month ago)
Good overall game. elkhanan likes blaming bullet pattern. (Not trying to attack you bro) Heres what I have to say about it. Every game has different bullet patterns. Learn it. Don't leave a game a bad review because you can't find the pattern. You only need 1 bullet. Head shot UAV's and Technical's are different. takes me a mag. I just spray those damn things. I hit 80% of my shots spraying. 99% tap firing. haven't game over'd yet i'll beat 20 for you ;)
elkhanan (over a month ago)
You fire how many shots from exactly the same position, and the guy takes 5-6 shots to go down, when 1-2 should do. You fire ahead: sometimes they go down sometimes they don't, regardless of how well you aim. You machine gun a group: some go down, some don't. No cover, just the game doesn't register all the hits. No spraying. They make a big deal of the delay before bullet hits target, but ignore spraying from m/g altogether. 30 round mags never contain 30 rounds. Basically the game does what it wants however hard you try, and the clock jumps down at random. This could be a great game, but the makers have just made it an annoying, frustrating one. What is the point? Do they just want to laugh at us getting pissed off?
elkhanan (over a month ago)
Well I say I like it. I play it often enough. I accept I won't get beyond W20 because the clock just runs and jumps down. Really stupid... But they seem to have improved: when a tech explodes anyone next to it does die... better... But the AK doesn't spray enough. And when I fire single shots and I know I hit, the game doesn't register the hit too often. But I must like shooting with the AK cos I come back again and again. So yes I like it but it could improve.
xxninjaboy707 (over a month ago)
elkhanan (over a month ago)
I DO like it...but I Don't like it ...when the clock jumps down from 10% to 4% just like that. That is cheating by the game. Not fair. ):(
elkhanan (over a month ago)
I don't see how anyone can get beyond wave 15, unless their 'clock' is slower than mine. Mine speeds up so much, no time to do anything esp. with the UAV. My standard play is to go 'veteran' until I get $1000+ then sell the handgun and buy an AK 74 and the basic $150 scope. Then just shoot the RPGs, then the technical then the infantry. And only then the UAV. Works until the 2nd UAV when the clock goes crazy and no time for anything. If the clock was slower I'd get way beyond wave 15... But I do like machine gunning or sniping with the AK 74 and scope. Nice one...!
Pithecophobia (over a month ago)
Sniping people with a sub-machine gun Lol..... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
elkhanan (over a month ago)
Personally I don't believe anyone gets beyond say wave 20. Why? Guns have reduced ammo: a 20 rnd mag only has say 11 rnds. Once you get to 2 technical and 3 squads there are about 15-20 targets. Semi auto gets them with single shots but takes about 60% of time. Full auto you run out of ammo too often. Full auto wastes ammo. Then the UAV. It takes at least 30% of time to TRY to chase off the UAV. That's variable. So I can't see how with all that anyone gets further than say wave 20... I enjoy the scope shooting up to wave 15/16, great fun, but don't expect to go any further. I expect the makers of this game put people in to say they've got to wave 30 or 50 just to pretend it's possible. I don't believe it...
elkhanan (over a month ago)
In the end I have to abandon this game. By wave 20, the handling UAV goes from 56% to 30% then everything else has to be done in the last 30%. OK, I can't shoot sideways movement. I have to wait until everything stops. So that takes maybe 10%. But its still not enough time with the UAV to handle 2 techs and maybe 3 squads. With an MG that doesn't know how to spray. Needs younger better hand/eye than I possess. I do like the game in principle, just can't go beyond a certain point; that's too frustrating. I'm going for shooting games that are less frustrating for me, like Sniper team. So sadly its goodbye. Hope others continue to enjoy it and to progress beyond 20.
elkhanan (over a month ago)
The belt fed MG doesn't spray enough. and when a vehicle burst into flames you'd expect soldiers right next to it to be killed or put out of action. Doesn't happen.