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Corporation Inc.
Can't wait to start crushing souls? Start a corporation! Build an office tower and stuff it with employees. Will you get rich, or just make people angry?
TEEN+   (more info)
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3,045,464   (9,128 today)

Total AG Ratings: 3,235

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2,623 Reviews
trainbob60 (over a month ago)
Corp 2?
Bdeap (over a month ago)
If you made a full on modern version, same style but with way more stuff I would pay money for it. If Clicker Hero 2 is a game Corporation Inc. 2 should be too.
TiedStatistic (over a month ago)
why is this game not an app on my phonhe??
Microsoft1000 (over a month ago)
Loved it
ThaoDanhKing123 (over a month ago)
I love this game how it works! I love games like this! thanks for making this game! Make a part 2 -ThaoDanhKing123
Emalulu25 (over a month ago)
ive been playing this game on an off for years. im so happy i got to find it last night. i dont know why but its so addicting, lol as the site says i guess. it messes with my ocd lol , i try to be a perfectionist
Dhatt_gurl21 (over a month ago)
I like the game but as soon as you win over the capital thing it just makes it pointless to keep going if there isn't going to be more updates. I really love this game but it was disappointing how the researchers can not do anything interesting now that I've researched everything possible.
WeeAnimeFreak (over a month ago)
Game is good, But sometimes the screen goes white and i can't do anything. :(
MitsukoRozu (over a month ago)
Took over the world in a month ^^ awesome
theguyguy76456 (over a month ago)
best game ever