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Feudalism 2
Feeling regal? Inflict your insane dreams of glory on a pitiful mass of filthy peasants. Slaughter enemies and feast on their blood! Bribe the rich, soak the poor, eat the rest!
TEEN+   (more info)
Build armies and lead them into battle! See in-game tutorial for complete instructions.
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Tycoon War
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Total AG Ratings: 6,085

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4,161 Reviews
MEta575 (over a month ago)
great game
hellmist (over a month ago)
i played the first feudalism every time it was my turn on the family computer from the time i found it in like 2008 and almost 10 years later i return to play in order to wait for some game on steam to download. i know i can easily spend 3 hours playing!!!
theemeraldkitten (over a month ago)
cant play
SMILEYSMILES (over a month ago)
there should be surrender button
KRAZYKID060 (over a month ago)
Awesome game I conquered the entire area with the great trade republic no matter which empire you choose tactics are important use infernal armor and helmet from grobben and greek fire from caesarea for an easy end
SMILEYSMILES (over a month ago)
Super addicting! I conquered the ENTIRE area with he forest people.
gumball12345 (over a month ago)
super fun good to wast time on
jlb1974 (over a month ago)
boringgggg! characteres too small, and controls crummy
paigebrx (over a month ago)
Wth is wrong with this page it keeps getting stuck more and more and then it says I died when i just drank a bunch of potion. It's crappy. I'm trying to conquer it all so stop getting stuck!!
domination701 (over a month ago)
fun game