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Free Rider 2
Yup, another road-creating game. This one has pretty backgrounds, and you can control your vehicle while running the track!
ALL AGES   (more info)
mouse over left/right sides for tools; arrow keys to control your vehicle; Enter key to restart
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Make Your Own Stick Figure
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Total AG Ratings: 38,768

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106,882 Reviews
DANKCOWS340 (over a month ago)
yea bc its soooo fun to troll noobs...MORE>>
DANKCOWS340 (over a month ago)
me too bc...MORE>>
ComePlayWithFreddy (over a month ago)
i like to troll noobs...MORE >>
TinyOfficial (over a month ago)
Horrible game
awdasd (over a month ago)
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white cat 22 (over a month ago)
this was a blast from the past, but you can cheat and create a line and go over the map (not realistic) god bless
ihaverealsuperpowers (over a month ago)
SOOOOOOOO FUNNNNNNNNNN if itis stuck at white screen go to the left and pick the pen!
redstonewizard (over a month ago)
Firestar527 (over a month ago)
Fun creative and all round like it
PhoenixTheWonder (over a month ago)
Boring game. Really stupid