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Greyhound Tycoon
Steven Binks
Love your pets? Want to get rich? Try racing greyhounds! Pick a pooch; feed him right and give him lots of love and exercise. Then race him on weekends! Go on trips; visit off-track betting, borrow money from vicious thugs... your canine tycoon dream is a reality!
ALL AGES   (more info)
Mouse control; see in-game instructions
Strategy Games
Cute Tycoon
6,138,710   (7,396 today)

Total AG Ratings: 6,137

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3,949 Reviews
abetz (over a month ago)
I finished in 52 days with 1.7 million. I raced every race and won every race by at least half the track each time. Is there other ways to gain fame to advance faster? How are people finishing sooner then 52 days when I won every single race and it took me that long to get there?
awwsomesauce (over a month ago)
lukestelling (over a month ago)
69 million on day 38
TsuyoiKen (over a month ago)
around 25 million on day 49
kittcrow (over a month ago)
needs a $50,000 bet and $1,000,000 bet. also maybe shorthand player cash like 1k, 1m, ect. and late game races take forever unless your dog is in them.
Luna2k16 (over a month ago)
it would be nice if i could actually play the flipping thing !!!!!!
dallas714 (over a month ago)
like it but hard then my game crash
NaeNaeDaGreatae (over a month ago)
Brian673 (over a month ago)
Sincerely enjoyed it. I think the loan shark can be fixed a bit because you can exploit it to the utmost maximum but, of course, this game has probably been created and abandoned. Had a blast, though. Time: 52 Cash: 3,771,496,244 Score: 7,252,875,854 (I'm not lying, I'm afraid.)
thebestatnotgames (over a month ago)
Time:55 Cash:990,401 Final Score:1,797,455