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Build an awesome army, and send it into battle! Manage your resources, like Iron and Witches. Import and export resources, capture territory, wage war!
TEEN+   (more info)
Mouse control; see in-game instructions
Strategy Games
Hard Tower Defense Tycoon War
4,270,936   (7,372 today)

Total AG Ratings: 6,019

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3,383 Reviews
Schmitty1106 (over a month ago)
idk why but the spearmaking doesnt work so i cant really do anything because i cant wage war without those
LordSunday128 (over a month ago)
Beat the game on impossible without elephants (they were bugged). Fun game for sure.
Vagona_Sonko (over a month ago)
I beat the game in 3 hours i say it needs more to it or a second game if not i say update the game so that you can travel from island to island conquering civilizaions or going to a continent and slowly conquering it over a period of time until you take over the world and youll also be able to go from time period to time period advancing and conquering the world and even if the creators want to go past that conquer worlds/solar systems then conquer galaxies annd eventually conquer the univer and if they still want to expand consider the multiverse ideo and conquer multiverses and multiverses..... man am i bored i wrote this whole thing so that i could procrastinate because id rather not take a shower.... :P hope you liked this rant lol peace!
COOKIE IS NICK (over a month ago)
doesnt look like much for the picture so i hope its good :)
DaLittleTeddyBear (over a month ago)
Great, just needs more places to go on the map, and save the buildings placed
black hawk dawn (over a month ago)
whats the point
tristarninja13 (over a month ago)
Awesome game but won't save :(
love224 (over a month ago)
I agree! It won't even let save at all! It is still good though
KingAce777 (over a month ago)
Great game, it would be perfect if the save didn't require a decade.
madcatattack (over a month ago)
Very bugged game :(