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Game Information

Stick War 2
Stick Page
Turn-based stick-figure warfare for the ages!
ALL AGES   (more info)
Strategy Games
Fighting Hard Political Stick Figure War
1,198,026   (8,436 today)

Total AG Ratings: 295

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112 Reviews
QPJNLSBFJA (over a month ago)
Help Foregen get my foreskin back please
PJPHIAFLVN (over a month ago)
Help Foregen get my foreskin back please
sans the epic (over a month ago)
reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeely good game
YellowNomNom (over a month ago)
Nawt2day and others-I beat it in 99:18 in one sitting. Tutorial: 5:18 Blot out the Sun: 5:16 Silent Assasins: 2:12 Magic in the air: 6:11 Rebels United 5:39 Massive Battle: 3:01 Explosive War: 7:58 The Knight is Dark: 8:49 Undead War: 10:41 4 legged fury: 11:14 Shadow of the moon: 6:14 Bone pile: 14:16 Medusa's Gates: 7:53 Medusa and the Full Chaos Empire: 4:36. Those are all the times including retries. If you want to know my strategy all i did was for most of the battles and even up to the final battle i just did Giants and Medics. Though before i could do that i mainly just did all speartons or a bunch of swordwraths and archers. The strategy at first is to send all your offensive troops you get in the beggining at the enemy so they cant get a bunch of miners. Also invest in getting castle archers for protection before you get giants , Invest in getting the 2 star giants at the top of the upgrade list, and finally make sure that in the upgrade list you get poison cure for the medics so later on in the levels poison doesnt destroy your giants real quick because to counteract poison you need a lot of merics and thats expensive so poison cure just saves money,time, and troops. That all i have for you but make sure to tell me what you used to finish it off or any other hints. I may not reply but i will be checking the comments for a few days to see if anyone asks and if they beat my time. Overall great game, very fun. and definitly a challenge that I love spending all 1 hour and 40 minutes on.
Joker2614 (over a month ago)
At first its easy then gets harder very fast :D
natangwe (over a month ago)
i love this game so much
johnlestervillieza (over a month ago)
Krugh (over a month ago)
I beat this on normal mode and now im trying hard but it is impossible im on the magikill level and ive tried over 20 times and cant beat it can someone give me some advice
Alexroy3595 (over a month ago)
like the game ,om=nly tutorial was annoying
D DogT420 (over a month ago)
The games good, i dislike the tutorial, and having to specifically click on a unit.