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Autumn War
You're not fighting Autumn! You're fighting Zombies! Dispatch your troops and give orders and wipe out the undead horde!
TEEN CAUTION       (more info)
Dispatch your army to fight the zombies: See in game instructions.
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2,165 Reviews
funny jone (over a month ago)
it don't save proggress
daddy42069537 (over a month ago)
fran216 (over a month ago)
i like this game buuuut it wold be better if the small armie could become one with the other army
Koalasarenotbears (over a month ago)
Yes, the auto retreat is pretty annoying, but other than that, it's a very good game.
Xx_Masta_Snipa_xX (over a month ago)
good game
oVerBazanator (over a month ago)
A Good Game But The Mouse Sensitivity Wasn't The Best For Me And I Didn't Really Find Any Strategy In It Like A Way To Make Your Troops One Big Army.
TheBeast1966 (over a month ago)
Elkmatthew, you only get five guys because your leader needs to have a small group to be able to keep control of.
Gameknight64 (over a month ago)
Laggy WAY to much
gbmack123 (over a month ago)
awesome game
jooboo77 (over a month ago)
Really fun, I like the realism and strategy. Some people complain about the retreat, but I think it's one of the best things. It makes the game feel like you are really there and you know that you aren't powerful enough to take on 20 infected when you have 3 units, that you salvaged from the ruins of this destroyed world. Plus, it gives you time to buy a truck and get some massive firepower.