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Our zombie games are seriously addicting, whether you're pulling the trigger in Dead Zed 2, trying to survive in 13 Days in Hell, or role-playing a zombie yourself in Dead Zed 2. Serious undead action coming at you in terrifying waves from all directions!
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Lab of the Dead
Point Publishing
Perform research to figure out what makes zombies tick. Experiment with them, brutalize them, feed them, give them objects to play with, and discover unique reactions as you explore the full spectrum of the zombie brain.
TEEN CAUTION       (more info)
Mouse controls
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31 Reviews
Kingamer118 (7 days ago)
random player275 (over a month ago)
you also kill a zombie by shooting it in the head by either the pistol or snipe
random player275 (over a month ago)
you go to the storage room if you kill a zombie, you can only have one at a time
Bettycooper22 (over a month ago)
its so awsome
TougherBear32 (over a month ago)
I love this game and i always come back to it!
naynay1415 (over a month ago)
boring need more action
benedic (over a month ago)
best game ever
Antisepticeye (over a month ago)
the game is so fun!
Sebby596 (over a month ago)
I feel bad when the zombie kills an animal I give it
Another_Nobody (over a month ago)
I like the games and stuff on this website but the video add in the beginning is SUPER annoying and will lasts a few minutes without any sort of mute or skip add button