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Our zombie games are seriously addicting, whether you're pulling the trigger in Dead Zed 2, trying to survive in 13 Days in Hell, or role-playing a zombie yourself in Dead Zed 2. Serious undead action coming at you in terrifying waves from all directions!
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Zombie Assault 2
Ninja Kiwi Games
Another zombie assault? At least they're slow and dumb. Unleash obscene amounts of firepower on their stupid undead selves. Make them feel your pain!
TEEN CAUTION       (more info)
WASD/arrows to move; mouse to aim/fire; R to reload; Q/E to switch guns; F for doors and barricades; spacebar to pause/shop
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Bloody Gross
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Total AG Ratings: 9,454

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7,399 Reviews
nightmarefoxygaming (over a month ago)
so f ing close
Cameron078 (over a month ago)
Love it got up to wave 13 and my score was 3725
Koalasarenotbears (over a month ago)
I got to wave 8, score was 775. Not great, but I think that is my new best, don't remember what it was before, however.
Lizou (over a month ago)
horror gameA wonderful
gamegiant (over a month ago)
Love the game, been playing it for about 1/2 a decade but it's exceedingly frustrating when the adverts change and the lag kicks in. Happens on any computer no matter how powerfull
DeadPool2B (over a month ago)
i m so scrared in zombie
Coreoflore (over a month ago)
Lag is supreme, way to hard. I don't like it.
oVerBazanator (over a month ago)
Cool Game, Very Much Like Zombie Train But So Much Better.
bherrin890 (over a month ago)
made to level 26 but to much lag
jayrad11 (over a month ago)
I got to wave 9 but it lags a lot.