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Our zombie games are seriously addicting, whether you're pulling the trigger in Dead Zed 2, trying to survive in 13 Days in Hell, or role-playing a zombie yourself in Dead Zed 2. Serious undead action coming at you in terrifying waves from all directions!
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Zombo Buster Rising
Zoooommmbbbbiiieieeeessssss!!! Upgrade your weapons, rescue survivors and keep your compound from being overrun by the undead.
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41 Reviews
cyclone_lucky (over a month ago)
This game is so much fun and addictive. Definitely worth trying
cyclone_lucky (over a month ago)
This game is so much fun and addicting definitely worth trying
valter lautaro (over a month ago)
Good but is a bit laggy 4 me right now, might B comp and internet. But more then that, love it =) the idea, concept, graphic ,, Music, 10/10
cortezserg17 (over a month ago)
Sudsierharp0700 (over a month ago)
never died on the campaign first try on survival i got the overloard which is the max rank overall boss game
jman is a boss (over a month ago)
hate it
Intuitive (over a month ago)
The game is very well thought out. All the upgrades are obtainable, and has no pay to win feature. The campaign serves a funny story, and is worth having all missions fully completed. The upgrading system for the characters is worth the money and time. I like their, "Survival" mode as that has it's own ranking system. One thing that I was hoping for in the character slot is that there would be one more character to unlock because the boarder looks like it could fit one more. Overall, I had a great time playing this! Hope you guys will too!
jakemurphree (over a month ago)
Really well balanced. All around fun game. You have to replay some levels 1-2 times to take full advantage of the gem rewards and gold but the grind is not repetitive or frustrating. Thumbs up.
edbert 785 (over a month ago)
its not a great game but AWESOME GAME!
candy_ (over a month ago)
so lame